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Some useful information

the time-lag with France is 1 hour in winter, 2 hours in summer.

The monetary unit is the Moroccan Dirham.
1 euro is worth 11 dirhams (this is approximate and subject to variations)

On FRIDAYS, craftsmen do not work, and shops are closed in the Medina. We suggest you consider an excursion outside the city.


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* The "small red taxis"
are to be found exclusively inside the city, they are equipped with meters (approximately 10 Mad for a trip from the Medina to the New City,

RED-coloured "Little Taxis" are allowed only inside the city. somewhat more at night). Be careful : at peak times, it may be difficult to catch one !

* " Tourist Taxis " (insured and registered) are available for any kind of journey in the whole country, for excursions, round trips, transfers between cities. The rate is to be agreed before the start of the trip, unless you change your itinerary, there will be no problem.

A word of warning : you will be solicited by "rogue taxis" working illegally for inferior prices. With these, in case of any problem, you will left alone to try and solve the issue and will have absolutely no recourse.

The official taxis (controlled, insured and registered) have quite correct rates considering the service they offer and their constraints (which translate as guarantees for you), the difference in prices is simply not worth the risk.


* BY PLANE Direct flight (or via Casablanca or....)


* BY BUS : Main bus station in FES

* BY CAR approximate driving times for FES :

  • CASABLANCA : 3 h
  • RABAT : 2 h 45
  • MARRAKECH : 6 h

Tourists should hold a valid passport.
Children must be mentioned on their parents’ passports, or hold their own identification.
No visa is required for a tourist trip lasting up to three months.